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Shanghai Maise Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a centered on "medical big data and artificial intelligence"; the medical informationization solution company that focuses on solving the pain points of doctors and patients through algorithms. Da Medical Information Information Listed Companies and well -known Internet medical companies are a company that deeply understands hospital business, hospital data and intelligent technology. It is good at using big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and medical and health business scenarios to achieve the medical business process to achieve the medical business process Efficiency and accurate decision -making of medical business.

With the support of policy promotion and institutions, a series of big data and smart medical related products have been developed, including Internet hospital operation information platforms, digital dermatologist overall solutions, clinical auxiliary decision -making CDSS products, medical intelligent analysis data visualization systems, single singles Disease libraries and scientific research big data platforms, hospital intelligent post -diagnosis service systems, paperless and credible archives, etc., so that medical and health personnel can achieve the use and value of medical information, medical data, artificial intelligence, Convenient, smart, intelligent information services.

Innovation is from the service, combined with many hospital customer cooperation experience and the advantages of the company's technology field, the company moves towards the medical intelligence hardware field. For the pain points of the hospital's current situation, a series of AISIA products, including AISIA skin analyzer, AISIA CDC camera, Data capture hardware, AISIA image standardization positioning and other hardware, covering multi -dimensional applications in the.

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Focus on the field of skin measurement and practice precision medical care starting from skin measurement.

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