AISIA Skin Tester

A detection instrument that obtains high-quality and repeatable skin images through key point positioning technology, combines multispectral irradiation of the skin, and deeply quantifies and analyzes skin problems through AI algorithms

8 Spectra

RGB white light, parallel polarized light, cross polarized light, UV light, blue light, Wu's light, composite red pigment map, composite thermal map

Quantitative analysis issues

Skin moisture, sebum T-zone, sebum U-zone, wrinkles, textures, pigmentation, UV spots, pigments, pores, blackheads, acne, UV acne, skin tone, sensitivity, erythrogram, thermogram, porphyrin 17 indicators


AISIA has built a fully independently developed facial soft tissue underlying algorithm framework with independent intellectual property rights. Based on millions of yellow race facial multispectral feature data, acne and other data, it trains artificial intelligence models and integrates advanced, mature and reliable models such as machine learning, deep learning, and adversarial learning. Starting from facial problems, it integrates facial diseases and features, creating a fusion of 2D, 3D, and 4D The multispectral algorithm warehouse has formed an algorithm system with unique facial features of the yellow race.


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